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Cera-Plate is a true composite plating process. It is an Electroless Nickel composite process that incorporates Boron Nitride particles within the matrix of the phosphate bath. Its benefits include an exceptionally low coefficient of friction, excellent wear resistance. It is ideal for guns parts that require the lubricity of Nickel /Teflon but need more wear resistance.

Cera-Plate has a Rockwell hardness that rivals that of hard chrome but offers lubrication and more rust and corrosion resistance.

Cera-Plate is far from your standard nickel plating is true composite plating process that is made possible with the breakthrough in modern Nano technology. It is an Eco friendly process.

Cera-Plate not only looks great but performs great as well. It is a smooth finish not slippery like the Nickel/Teflon is.

Cera-Plate will be available for carbon steel only.

   CCR is proud to announce the latest in Nano Coatings CERA-HIDE.

  Here at CCR we are always researching new technology to bring you the latest advances in firearms coatings. CERA-HIDE is a result of two years of research and development. With breakthroughs in the fields of Nano technology CERA-HIDE is a highly developed thermally cured coating that has a Ceramic infused Nano matrix.

  Cera-Hide is available in House black, Matte Black, Stainless Steel, BTM which is designed to resemble Nickel and OD Green.

  Every gun is finished within our stringent parameters and tested for quality and compliance. Our meticulous surface preparation is one of the key factors to our success

  CERA-HIDE not only looks great but it offers greatly improved abrasion and wear resistance. It offers untold rust and corrosion protection along with being a self lubricating finish. CERA-HIDE passes the strict Military tests for 1000 hours Salt Water test. CERA-HIDE makes cleaning your gun a breeze.

  Through research and development Cera-Hide provides your firearm with not only a great new look, but the lubrication/rust/corrosion resistance necessary to pass the strict military tests including 1000 hrs of salt water test.